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OMG!!! Girl Falls of the Roading Vehicle

Sponsors and Advertisements Although the pride of African lions is very much a family, the beginnings of a new male’s rule can be as brutal as anything ever witnessed by man. After defeating or running off the former, usually aging king, a coalition (or single) male lion will then hunt down his offspring. Upon finding… Read More »

Shoaib Shared How He Was Caught By Her Sister

It all comes down to this: If you want to learn how to be funny, you gotta relax. You find yourself uptight and you might as well post “quarantine” across your forehead. You’ll repel people like a wolf in a hen house. Chill. The funniest people I know are always the ones who are the… Read More »

Hilarious Parody Of Inzamam Ul Haq

From a short run-up, this left-handed, former Pakistan fast bowler could deliver balls with surprising pace. Wasim Akram’s run up was distinctive- as was his tendency to shield the ball from the batsman’s view before delivering it. His main bowling weapon was swing and seam at high-speeds. Akram was also a bowling allWatch video in… Read More »

Funny Molvi In Waqar Zaka Show

With the charisma that a saree carries with itself, it could be adorned by a young lady in her teens, someone in her seventies, and the age is simply no criterion; a saree is sure to make a lady look graceful.Watch video in link below video link : However, finding a saree that one would… Read More »

Woman in Saree has Big Hips

The magic of Indian ethnic wear is astounding; it never fails to mesmerize! Indian ethnic wear like ghaghras, cholis, churidaars and bandgallas are always seen as the essence of India, and are capable of bringing any occasions to life.And probably the classiest pick among Indian ethnic wear is sarees.Watch video in link below   video… Read More »

Headless Man

What’s a hook and why does it matter? Here’s the short answer. The title of your book, article, speech or sales ad is a hook and it’s designed to grab the attention of your reader. The longer and more appropriate answer is that a hook is the single most important piece of text you write… Read More »

Two Girls Freak Out On Slingshot Ride

If you’re a keen kitesurfer, then you want to keep yourself up to date with new developments in the sport. In this series of articles, we look at the new kites that have been launched for the 2013 season. This article is the 10th in the series and in it we review the New Slingshot… Read More »

Javaid Chaudhry for his selfies

Through the introduction of social media, people have been able to express themselves in ways that were not available in the past. People can share how they feel, where they are and where they are going, amongst others things.But one is not limited to words when comes to what is taking place in their life,… Read More »

Fat man stuck inside the car

We often have thoughts pop into our heads that we believe are funny – they make us laugh. When this happens, we go hunting for a pen or pencil to write them down because we want to be able to remember them so that we can use them in our next speech. This is all… Read More »

Ha Ha Ha !! Painted Floor

The goal of any speech that we give is to connect with our audience. That’s what the importance of public speaking is all about. In order to make this happen, we need to find a way to shake them out of their everyday life and cause them to wake up and listen to what we… Read More »

Sleeping Girl

Teenage girls love to go camping and road tripping. When they visit other place and stay day for a night or two, girls sleeping bag is what they bring. This is suitable for different weather conditions and will surely provide comfort and warmth during the night. It has a wonderful disposal that makes everything easy… Read More »

OMG!!! Snake is chasing the Girls

It is true that some snakes are deadly and some eat in large quantities. This can result in the loss in income from produce if you own a farm. Snakes attack when they feel threatened as do many other animals. The farm animal in reaction to the presence of a snake may react either in… Read More »

Miracle Remedy to Lighten Dark Lips & Get Pink

A beautiful smile immediately increases the beauty of the face and the main thing that plays and important role behind the beautiful smile is, luscious lips. Regardless of how much your lips are shapely, but if they are dry and parched it will spoil the look. Healthy diet, regular care and attention is very important… Read More »

Ha Ha Ha !! Sword Fish

started with about twenty good key words and then wrote a few articles. I started to see some traffic being generated and so decided to write some more. The funny thing was, it didn’t seem like hard work at all, most articles can be fairly short, as long as they are informative and can offer… Read More »

OMG!!! Scary Elevator

But the results speak for themselves, before I tell you what sort of results I actually got, I need to confess something. Six months ago, I didn’t believe that article marketing would work for me either! I was clutching at straws I guess, I had bought every program that promised Internet success for the last… Read More »

Ha Ha Ha !!! Wardrobe Malfunction

I started with about twenty good key words and then wrote a few articles. I started to see some traffic being generated and so decided to write some more. The funny thing was, it didn’t seem like hard work at all, most articles can be fairly short, as long as they are informative and can… Read More »

azizi on picture

Many of you have heard of the musical artist “Weird Al” Yankovic. “Weird Al” is famous for taking popular songs and changing the lyrics into something humorous while keeping in the same style as the original song. The big question surrounding “Weird Al’s” music is this: Can he take somebody else’s song without asking permission? Watch… Read More »

OMG!!! Crazy Girl in Public

You should avoid sharing hopes and dream of a future with a woman in order not to make her feel that your future happiness hinges on her. By disclosing your intention and feeling in the delicate early stage of your romance, you may inadvertently drive her away. You may be asking that could showing your… Read More »

Ha Ha Ha !!! Good Morning

Most of the abuses are the by-products of unhappy marriages and they can be solved if the partners are willing to reach a common understanding. The hard part is to get the abused woman to trust you, to understand you so that she can get out of her problems. Spousal abuse is the most rampant… Read More »