Heart touching This is so Beautiful

By | December 26, 2016

In Babylon the name of the sun was Mary, which means ‘mother’s compelling eye’ and it is this that is addressed by the star picture. It was moreover the name of a city controlled by the Amors in Syria as they are Assyrian in starting. of Constantine and his aching to achieve control over that of God. He used heaven and perdition as weapons to do it. Verse 24 communicates that “punishment from underneath is moved”

Toward the day’s end, the Spirit is forewarning that perdition is the target of everyone imagined and right through the religion of Constantine was it planned to be annulled. It is the way the trap to get everyone in it was set and why babies are shown to be cleared, circumcised, or recognized into the religion through the gatekeepers. Watch video in link below

video link : http://wp.me/p745Ik-9aj

Resurrection shows that there are no such places as heaven or hellfire and my memory of it attests it. Millions have memory of area from life to life and a growing number are right now looking at it. That is by virtue of everyone has returned. They are making sense of how they were tricked and swindled by the sun-star, Mary, that Constantine put into his religion as the

He is also responsible for the photo of Jesus Christ, as avowed in Revelation where he is perceived as 666. The Vatican which he acted as a parliament to control his domain started the Muslim branch of it in the most recent days of the fourth Augustine was assigned to bring it into reality and he did in that capacity through a parishione