Meet KPK’s 29 Year Old Rafia Qaseem Baig, Pakistan’s First Female Bomb Disposal Officer

By | January 10, 2017

The tied letter “o” demonstrates extraordinary mystery. At the point when there is more than one bunch or when the oval is “twofold hitched,” the requirement for security is much more intense. This shape frequently shows up in the penmanship of offenders, who clearly secure themselves with these bunches so (they feel) they won’t be discovered. At the point when tied ovals show up all through the penmanship, we frequently locate a neurotic identity. This individual learns about that someone there is against him and he should secure himself for insurance.
o Naturally, the more shut the ovals, the more thoughtful the person. When one makes a bunch or circle (particularly twofold ones), it implies that the letter was not shut firmly enough for the essayist. By going over it, he persuades himself that he has stopped every one of the “holes.” Watch video in link below

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o When the oval is open, the inverse of the shut oval is uncovered. Its openness at the top shows chattiness, genuineness. The essayist is not suppressed but rather is altogether outgoing.
o We regularly observe leaned back (leftward) composing with open ovals. Despite the fact that leaned back composing indications at withdrawal and save, there is no inconsistency. At the point when such an essayist is drawn nearer, however by nature held, he is regardless ready to react. By difference, the leaned back essayist with shut ovals is generally not able to leave his shell by any means.