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By | November 18, 2016

Among the recognized forms of leverage is the leverage of borrowing cash. Millions of individuals scramble financially because the power of debt leverage is utilized against them. Great debt makes you wealthy and bad debt makes you poor. The difference between wealthy individuals and poor individuals is that poor individuals state “I can’t afford it” more often that wealthy individuals. If you wish to retire young and retire rich, you’ll have to utilize your mind in your favor, not against you. Forbes magazine specifies rich as $1 million or more a year in revenue.

The issue with having a job is that it gets in the way of getting wealthy. Most individuals have a plan to be poor. That’s why so many individuals state, “When I retire, my revenue will go down.” Put differently, they’re stating, “I plan of working hard all my life and then I’ll become poorer after I retire”. Millions of workers are today counting on their pension plan, plans like 401(k) and IRA. Employees are now responsible for their retirement. Watch video in link below

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In the Industrial Age, it was the company or the government that would mind of your financial needs once your workdays were over. There’s one tragic flaw in these Information Age pension plans. The flaw is that most of these plans are indexed to the stock exchange, and as you might have noticed, stock exchanges go up and stock exchanges crash. Projecting to work hard all your life is a poor plan. For a lot of baby boomers, time, our most crucial asset, is running out.

Retiring young and rich requires spending time acquiring assets instead of working for money. This book is written to help you in discovering your own financial freedom… freedom from the drudgery of just getting by. Poor individuals utilize poor words and poor words produce poor individuals. If you are able to change your words and your thoughts to those of